Finish Your Chiropractic Therapy for the Best Results Possible

About the middle of my back there is a group of muscles on the right side that pulled and burned pretty much all day long. It got to the point that it hurt constantly. I kept putting off seeking out Sacramento chiropractic help hoping that it would just go away. I have had many back pains come and go over the years. This one was hanging on like a bad toothache. In fact, that is kind of what it felt like, but it was in my back and not in my mouth. It hurt worse when I would stretch those muscles out, but then I would get a few seconds of relief. It never lasted long. It was interfering with my work and sleep. Continue reading Finish Your Chiropractic Therapy for the Best Results Possible

New and Exciting Sex Toys

I don’t know why my wife and I have not been having sex recently, but it just seems like she is not very interested in it anymore. It makes me sad, because we used to do it quite often and besides that, I was under the impression that she really enjoyed it. So I do not know what changed, but I want to put more sex back into our lives and I want to try anal toys to see if that will help out in the bedroom. I should probably consult my wife about this before I just surprise her with them, but I think that I am going to do jus that, and buy some as a surprise.

I will see how she reacts to them, and hopefully it will be a good reaction. Continue reading New and Exciting Sex Toys

My Mother Almost Went to Jail Because of Three Pain Pills That Belonged to Her

I would have never thought in a million years that I would be bailing my mother out of jail. I do not think my mother has ever done anything intentionally illegal in her life. However, she did go afoul of the law and might be prosecuted for a prescription drug crime. Mom has had a bad back for years. She has spells where she can barely move. She has a painkiller prescription for a narcotic pain reliever. Her sister also has a bad back, and has the same exact prescription. Mom had to retain a Sacramento criminal attorney to stay out of jail because she gave three of her pills to her sister when she was visiting us.

Mom takes ibuprofen and naproxen sodium when her back acts up. About once a year she needs to take the narcotic pain reliever for about three days. She gets a 30 count prescription filled about once per year. She is no addict as you might be thinking. Her sister does take the narcotic med about two or three times per year for about a week. When my aunt was visiting, she ran out of her medication. She had more at home in Seattle, but she was with us in Sacramento. Continue reading My Mother Almost Went to Jail Because of Three Pain Pills That Belonged to Her

Satellite Internet Works Where No Other Internet is Available

My friend rented a rural place on a lease without asking enough questions before signing the lease. He wanted a quiet place to research and write. He is a budding novelist that is at least supporting himself with his craft. He found a nice rural cottage on some acreage that the owner keeps in good condition. The problem is that he found out after the fact that there is no Internet service. No cable, no DSL, certainly no fiber optic and spotty cellular service to boot. I told him to check out the Hughesnet rural Internet availability for his area. I figured he had a clear view to the open sky for the dish to work.

He had never heard of it. He had been driving into town and spending hours at the coffee shop to use the free Wi-Fi, which was kind of counterintuitive to the solitude he was looking for. The owner had no problems with the dish for the satellite Internet being installed on the back of the cottage. He said that it would help him to rent the place in the future. Continue reading Satellite Internet Works Where No Other Internet is Available

My House Was Cased for a Robbery

I never knew fear until my neighbor’s home was broken into. The person responsible for it was caught, and they confessed everything pretty quickly to the police. He had said that he had cased only a few houses out because they looked like easy targets, and mine was one of them. When the police asked if anything was missing, I felt so violated even though he had not robbed my house before he was captured. Once the police left, I was shaking so bad and knew I had to do something. I did a search for ADT home security because that is what I recognized from the signs in my neighbors’ yards. Continue reading My House Was Cased for a Robbery

Helping the Kids Take Care of Aging Grandparents

staying connected at college wednesday 01 18 12 by robyn wright nest ...At first, it can seem a little challenging to care for your older parents while you’ve got little ones running around while managing your own needs. However, it may just be that you haven’t yet thought of a way to combine your family into one that is connected and flows together. One of the ways to encourage a connected family is to involve your children in the care of their aging grandparents. You won’t have them doing anything too difficult, but they can still help you to help your aging family members. Here are just a few of the things they can help you with:


If your older relative has special dietary needs, your children can help you prepare meals. Continue reading Helping the Kids Take Care of Aging Grandparents

Three Things You Can Do to Help an Aging Parent

If you are now caring for an aging or elderly parent you know what a difficult situation this can be. However, there are many things that you can do to make this process easier for yourself and your parents. There are three areas that you can focus on that will make the care of your elderly parent easier.

The first is preparing your home. You can talk to someone else that has been in your circumstances and ask what things they have done to prepare their home, or you can look online for some suggestions. If you look on the Internet you will find that there are lots of different things that you can have installed in your home so that your aging parent will be safe and comfortable. Continue reading Three Things You Can Do to Help an Aging Parent